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SPDIF O/P Levels (again... sorry)



I apologize in advance because this is a rehash of some other threads I've read through. On my AxeFx2, I use the analog FX loop but I ignore the analog OP1 connections. I have my unit mirroring to the SPDIF connector and I go into my Apollo interface digitally. Bottom line, for my final output, I'm trying to skip an avoidable D/A then A/D cycle.

I'm just confused and, from the other treads, I've not seen an answer that I understand. It seems the consensus is that SPDIF on AxeFX2 is working "correctly". What I'd like understand is why 0db on the OP1 VU meter, when mirrored to the SPDIF, is coming in at a WAAAAY lower VU level on my Apollo... If i increase the level in the AMP block to get a 0db nominal on the Apollo, the AxeFX2 starts blinking the red clipping LEDs at me.

Maybe this makes sense to someone with more knowledge/experience? Please explain. My expectation was that these output levels would match.


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I don’t have an Apollo, but it looks like the Input meters are dBFS (dB, Full Scale) which is different than a VU meter. Anything above 0 dBFS will clip. Depending on the gear, 0 dB VU is usually anywhere from -18 to -12 dBFS. On the Axe, 0 dB VU is about -12 dBFS.
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