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SPDIF Clicks and Static


I’m getting some occasional clicks and static with the spdif connection. I thought it might’ve been the beta firmware but the same sounds are present even after rolling back to the earlier firmware. This is happening across multiple presets and scenes. Up to this point I’ve only connected the Axe spdif out to my audio interface. Haven’t had any issues with this until this week after the beta update. Is it absolutely necessary to connect both spdif in and out?

Mac OS 10.14.6

Axe Firmware 11.02 Public Beta #2

Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 1st gen


Is it absolutely necessary to connect both spdif in and out?
No. Just out from the III to in on the Scarlett is all that's required.

Clicks are generally an indication of clock sync issues or overloaded presets. Either of those happening?


Thanks for the reply. Most of my presets hover around 60-70% and I haven’t had any notification of clock sync issues from my DAW. I’m using Logic X by the way.

AJ Vargas

Make sure to set the Scarlett's clock to 48 khz External. With my 18i20, S/PDIF works right out of the box, but I get the ocassional pops until I change the clock in Focusrite Control.
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