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Soundcheck Done - TC100 Slays!


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Just got setup and soundcheck, and I am so stoked about the new TC100 model. This is my best sound ever from any rig, even better than what I had back when I had the TC50 and FX8 rig. The advanced parameters really help to get the most out of any amp, and I only had to tweak a couple of things that the real amp doesn't have i order to dial in my perfect hi-gain rhythm sound. Raised the hi-pass on the pre EQ, and added just a little depth, and it had just enough lows to add girth, but not overwhelm those agressive mids that this thing has.

Set another channel up for leads, and kicked in the fat switch snd turned up the master volume and backed the depth off a bit and it just screams.

I go into the PA direct, but I alsonsplit it out to a Duncan power amp and into my 4x12 wired for stereo. Sounded great on stage and thru the monitors and mains. Happier than ever with my Fractal rig.


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Heard a LOT about this new amp... Cant wait for it on FM3.
in the meantime.....can anyone pint me to a video / audio clip ?


I looked for a long time for a good amp .I was going to get the be100 I just couldn't spend that much on a amp. then I seen the TC 50 . The first time I tried it didn't take 5 minutes I bought it. now want the tc100. Grad's on your new amp. Hope you post a video


Currently I’m using the shiva for my clean and the TC for my overdrive sounds.

Scene 1 it’s Shiva clean
Scene 2 is Shiva clean with The Butler Drive 3 gets me a great Robin Ford Dumble sounds that kills for blues.
Scene 3 is TC 2 crunch witch is killer
Scene 4 is TC 2 with gain up
Scene 5 is TC 3 with personalized settings for smooth legato drive.

The TC has usurped the JP for me.
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