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Sound for music man jp 15


hi , does anybody have a suggestion , wich amp could give me a smooth creamy sound for my jp 15 . i tried with the suhr badger , but i'm not satisfied with it . thx for help.


usually a good idea is to find a tone that you like and then find out what that person uses. the intnet has all the answers, if you care to look!


thx for the examples , but i meant solosounds , fx i have a lot on my own. the hard ones i get out easely , but a really smooth ( like the suhr guitars or frampton's gibson have ), that's what i'm looking for. i know the jp 15 maybe isn't the right guitar to play smooth :) but it woth a try .and i looked in many places and downloaded a LOT of presets ,believe me .


Not sure if it helps with the JP15, but Leon Todd has a nice creamy tone in the video here at 20:30 with the TriAxis model...


here's what i tried with the video of leon .thx again venne, for putting me on this :smilingimp::smilingimp:


  • Todd T.syx
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