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Some of my v.10.x Presets


Gave them all a quick try, I don't have a controller connected right now but didn't have any problems with them. Played with my custom guitar with Lollar El Rayos, liked the Bandmaster and Bogner the best. Will do some tweaking on these when I have more time. Thanks!


Hey Scott,

The presets transfer and translate well (yeah, Fractal-Bot!).
Great very useable tones from the start, without having to adjust anything.

Do you decrease Transformer Match in every amp?

Regarding effects: I just detached all controllers, and adjust Mix/Level where needed.

I like the use of the Santiago cab in the mix.

And I like that Band-Master for clean tones. It has a lot of clean headroom, lends itself well for use with single coils as well as humbuckers. The music shop here in my town has two blackface Band-Masters from the 60's. I'm tempted at times ... ;)

foto copy 2.JPG

Testing the beta USB-driver for OS X right now, so I took the opportunity to record a few snippets with your presets. Telecaster, no humbuckers. Just noodling.

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how do you detach controllers regards jj

Press Control on the Front Panel and scroll to the MODS page. Here you see which effects have controllers attached.
Now go to each of these blocks, press Edit, and check which parameters have a controller attached (there's a sign beneath / beside the parameter). Go to that parameter, press Enter. In the modifier which appears now, go to Source and set it to NONE. Exit.



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These presets sound great live! I incorporated them in my current setup and got a ton of compliments from the soundguy and musicians in the audience last night.
They feel nice too, not to compressed or stiff......a real pro.
Thanks Scott!
Many thanks for sharing this. The basic tones are very good! I try to understand the set up. You are using 3 pedals. I asume all the effects need to be turned on and of with the MFC and then the attached controller/pedal is used to change the intensity and or modulation and all. Pedal 1 for gain / volume. Pedal 2 for modulation etc. Pedal 3 I don't get it is attached to volume as well. And if you I activate two or more effects I am lost since 1 pedal controls various modifiers. So help me out.


From Scott's "Let's Go For Four" post: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/70253-mission-lets-go-four.html

So what do I have the expression pedals do now?

I'll go left to right.

Left expression pedal (black one):

1.Toe down switch turns the wah on/off - then it's a Wah pedal. Toe down switch and it's off.
2.When Drive block is engaged - it controls the amount of gain/drive in the Drive block
3.When the PEQ block is engaged - it controls the amount of output level from +1db to +6db. (Note: I have the PEQ configured as a dynamic custom preamp boost).
4.When the Rotary Block is engaged, it controls the upper horn rotor speed

Middle expression pedal (green one): (switch not currently being employed for any purpose):

1.Controls wet/dry mix for: Tremolo; Rotary: Delay; Phaser; Chorus; Flanger; and Pitch. In essence, this pedal is my 'effects' mixer. I can mix in whatever amount of wet effect I want at any time and dynamically change it on the fly. (*Note: the range of wet/dry is different for each effect block based on my preferences and taste. That's saved per preset.)

Right expression pedal (white one):

1.Reverb wet/dry mix - dynamically control on the fly independant of other effects
2.When the Delay block is engaged, controls the Delay feedback from short to long
3.When toe switch is engaged, it is a Volume pedal.

Hope this helps


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Great, always wanted a single page to check on controllers, and now I discover this probably existed for years....ha....thanks a lot !

Scott Peterson

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Thanks guys - been a crazy busy day.

The user cab is the V2 stuff from Own Hammer - I favor his Greenback stuff a lot. I tried to do my shared stuff I posted up with all factory stuff so it'd translate. Try the Santiago EJ cab with the TV or AX mix from Fractal

I attach all sorts of modifiers - because I think of things I'd like to do and then try them one at a time... and they work. it looks confusing to someone hitting it all at once, I fully understand. I'm a little OCD with control but I'm no Simeon! Just basic stuff mostly, at least to me it is.

Yek - with the v.10.x the MONEY parameters are the "XFMR Match" (I like this turned down some, usually in the 0.750 - 0.850 or so range typically) and Dynamic Presence (I typically end up with something like +2.0).

Thanks to all for the feedback and I'll share more now that I'm sure they'll transfer - and to paraphrase Yek - Fractalbot RULES!!!!!!!!!
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