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Some of my IR's I recorded today.


I captured my Randall Warhead cabinet that has V30's in it. I used my Mesa Triple Rec, Peavey XXX, and Randall RM100 as the power amp section to capture. I then went into an SM57 into a bluetube mic preamp. I recorded the cab on the grill about an inch down from the edge of the center cone. I also turned the 57 to a 45' angle and recorded an IR also. I just set up a quick Recto Orange amp model and recorded a riff. The first speaker is the stock AXEFX 4x12 V30 (RW) cab with the SM57 mic model on it then went into my IR's I made, then the riff with the straight on and 45 angle mixed.

AXEFX2 IR CAPTURE by schlagdog on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Killswitch reamp with IR's

ADDED This of the FAS MODERN and my Mesa IR and Peavey IR

AXEFX2 Crunch

AXEFX2 Crunch Drum & Bass

AXEFX2 Scorpion tone(short)
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So where are they?

Somebody tell me how to export them and I'll post them. I seem to have all sorts of problems with axe manage. I already tried to rename them once and ended up deleting a couple somehow. I'm sure it's simple but I don't want to end up deleting them again.


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Hey Dude that is freaking great ..

Thats is one of the most alive great hard rock metal IR I have heard .
extremely realistic .great clarity wicked punch that would own a mix

Don't have my axe yet
Someone needs to download this and see how well it works on their system with a few tweaks or reamp it so we can hear it with other model

extreme Bada$$ especially for dry amp tone


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Can you do some hard rocking stuff like
Scorps with the Cameron Soldano and Brown
If you get extra time

Thanks !!!!

They really sound cool


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Did a quick one with the HBE.

Thanks so much sounds great ..

Thats a lot of work .

From my observation they All seemed really good similar but with slight difference.

Alone the Carol and Brit sounded best to me the Wreck was a little harsher .the TX star just didnt sound as great for that riff and IR IMO

In the mix they all sat well again ,the Wreck having a bit more bite sounded great and the drums ..

Again these are just my opinions the Carol ann .and the Brit are my favs combined with those IR's ,the FAS modern and Recto you posted yesterday was also a totally different flavor but was great
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