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Some DOOM amps.


Rather than start a new thread, I'll use this one.

Would like to see some of these make an appearance for sure.

Ant Music

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Actually this would be a great idea. I'd rather see some more work on the effects and other aspects of the Axe Fx than more amps but this would definitely be a great amp to add to the collection.


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have to agree on the Matamp and the Sunn. I'm not a Doom player by a long shot (apart from the video game when I was a kid), but they definitely sound very different to what we've got and could find use for a variety of different applications as well.


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I am pretty surprised that the Axe doesn't have too much here. Of course, you can always go with a Marshall and a fuzz or the Orange + pedal route (but I don't think the RV is not really the Orange amp of choice for the doom stuff, it is more the Thunderverb or OR, I think).

I'd love to see the vintage/boutique doom amps like Matamp/Sunn but even barring that, the modern Oranges are super popular and the Axe only has one. :)


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Thanks for posting the YT. I had no idea there was a reissue. That sounds pretty darn cool. Defnitely would love to hear/play a modeled version of either of those guys.


So what would have to do in order to get this done? I would love to have access to these models. I'm guessing someone would have to mail Cliff a head or two?


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This brings back so many Memories my second amp was a Sunn Concert Lead, that amp was great I wish I still had it. I'm going to contact the guy I sold it to on Facebook and see if he still has it...
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