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Some Direct to FOH video


Seems like there always lots of discussions in regards to running direct vs. a power amp / cab set up. I've always run direct just out of convenience, but never really knew how it sounded since I use in ears. Someone sent me this short clip, taken with an iPhone I believe. I can't remember what kind of speakers were in the bar, but overall I think the direct sound is pretty good & much easier on my back. This is probably about 2am after everyone is pretty lit.



Sounds nice. Which amp and cab?
I'm pretty sure it is the JVM OD1 Red and TV Mix #2 cab. I use a number of high gain patches through the night & I don't always use specific ones for specific songs. I've included the patch. For rhythm I turn off the drive & the delay going to out1. Thanks!


  • JVM Lead.syx
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