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Soild or Chambered Warmoth Tele Body?


Anyone have any experience with either and could make a suggestion?

I'm not sure that it will make a difference to anything but my aging back and neck dive but just wondering?

I'm looking for a vintage tone but think that Teles are a bit thin, so I'm leaning toward chambered.

The sales rep at Warmoth said that's all they do in house for themselves anymore, pretty much.

Many Thanks!


I have both solid and chambered Teles and Strats from Warmoth.

I think the chambered sounds better and your back will love you for it.

It's all down to the wood, though. Sometimes you get a great piece of wood and sometimes you don't. Chambering won't help a dog.


I was a little hesitant at first to go with a chambered design but having now owned several Tele style bodies that are chambered I think they sound better. Especially with single coil pickups and low to mid gain stuff. You can really hear the resonance of the wood in a mildly overdriven tone with the chambered verses a solid body.


I worked at Warmoth in the 90's.

Don't forget USA Custom Guitars, not too far away from them, and run by some very skilled people.
or Best Guitar Parts.
Both companies are producing some very fine stuff.

I'm not a fan of the Warmoth necks, personally. I used to to that oil dipping process every day. It kills the necks.


I have a buddy that built a tele with the Warmoth chambered body, and I built one with a solid body off of E-bay (I know, not a good idea). We both liked mine better. His felt "slow" compared to mine, and didn't have the same bass response. That's just one example case though, and as others have said the individual piece of wood probably has more to do with it, but I don't really have the data to know either way.
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