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So, what's everyone's favourite amp model?

I think I've pretty well dialed in my holy grail tone for 70s-era classic rock dirt now... SV 1 Bass model, change the power tubes to 6L6, master set at 6, bass 5 mids 6 treble 6-6.5, dial in the amount of drive, stock 4x12 V30 cab. drive blocks are a micro boost and treble boost
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6505 Lead for rhythm, USA PRE Yellow for leads. I have a patch set up with these two X/Y with some of Fremens cabinets. Absolutely crushing. Sort of annoyed with the minor delay in amp changing with the scene switching... best tone I've ever had!


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The other day it was the Friedman HBE. Now it is the JMP-1 models. That was my favourite pre-amp before the Fractal Audio era (and I've tried the most expensive ones). Now I am glad that I have rescued it. It was my favourite for a reason: instant gratification without having to waste too much time with cabs and tweaks. I am pairing it with the 2x12 MAR-66 OH-GREEN U70 OH, and it rocks.


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The last few weeks the Brit super ,guitar volume down ,clean , guitar volume up ,mean 😎
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