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So this happened today...


Fractal Fanatic
We've been using an XL+ for a little over a year now, but it was being borrowed long term by a very generous soul. He finally asked for it back as he's going to start using it again, so we were stuck needing a solution.

What better solution for an XL+ than another XL+? This is my first time unboxing one new (I only personally own an AX8). Took me just a few minutes to get all the system settings up, and then I updated to 7.02, and then brought back in our presets and cabs. Good to go!

We run two guitarists through it via Input 1 L/R > Output 1 L/R, with isolated rows for each amp/cab. The effects are handled by analog pedalboards as we're treating it like a pair of backline amps (guitarists' choice, so it's really a library of backline amps). I plan on adding a couple of Morningstar MC6's to the guitarist positions, and I'll be programming them up with IAs to some common standards the guys can add to their effects arsenals.

IMG_1400.jpg IMG_1402.jpg IMG_1403.jpg IMG_1404.jpg


I have a preset to allow two separate guitar chains like that for when the other guitarist in the band comes over to review songs. Love the flexibility and being able to turn on separate drives, etc with the MFC.
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