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So no one can buy ANY Axe FX unit right now? Order a "II" when/how?


Do I understand this correctly. Not only is the II not
open for orders yet, but no one can order a Std or Ultra
either (not that they would). I see the Std and Ultra both
listed "Out of Stock". And there are no advance orders being
taken? So hunderds of people are going to flood the Yahoo-pay
site that Fractal has, all at once on Cliff's go-ahead, desperately
trying to get their orders in ahead of everyone else who wants a "II" now??

There is no better way?


There's about a hundred for sale (assuming no duplicates) on eBay, CL, and here on the Fractal sale forum. I suspect there are a few more on the TGP emporium as well. I'll bet prices drop some in a week or two until this glut is gone.



Seems to me a better way would be to hold a lottery amoung the initial buyers
to see who gets one of the first stock order units Cliff has coming. Otherwise 400-500 of us
(or more) are going to be stationed at our computers in a week or two, at some
oddball time of Cliff's choosing, all refreshing the Fractal order page over and over
trying to get thru. Sounds like an EBay auction from hell.

Cliff, why don't you do a poll here to get a rough idea of how many initial buyers
there will be? Might be a good early warning if there is going to be a supply/demand
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I think that's a good idea actually, unless he's been mass producing them already and has plenty of stock on hand for the initial orders. My Ultra sold today, so I'll be one of those who's hammering the Yahoo pay site to place my order. :)

Yeah, I know it could be months before I actually get my Axe-Fx II. Hopefully that won't be the case, but it is what it is. I had to sell the old to afford the new. I'll just have to find something else to do in the mean time. Maybe it's time to drag out the ol' pocket pod. ;)


I did the same thing. Sold my Ultra today before the used market gets totally saturated.
At $2200 for the II, must sell old first. Back to borrowed tube amps for a spell.

Before someone asks, "why did you feel the need to sell out so fast??".
Because I am not willing to let the Fractal digital guitar revolution evolve,
change, and progress with me sitting on the sidelines. This is the greatest thing
to happen to electric guitar players in 50 years. Put me in the F*in' game coach!
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