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So much pleasure


New Member
I got my AXE-FX3 Mk2 from G66 five days ago. I bought it for recreational use. My job is based around playing music, and it has had the consequence, that for years, I've hardly played any guitar at home. After a day at work, my appetite for fretwork has been fulfilled. Also, living in an apartment, noise is a thing of consideration. I have been eyeing the FX3 since aroung new year, and I have watched countless of youtube videos about it - most of them by Leon Todd. Then recently, some money came my way, and I decided now was the time to purchase this thing. I ordered it Friday late afternoon and got a swift reply from G66 that Monday, they would update the unit with the latest firmware and make a quality controll of the unit before shipping it. By Tuesday afternoon I picked it up here in Denmark, preloaded with firmware 16. Yesterday, I signed up for a one year patronship for Leon, and I also subscribed for Ragdoll and plan to let that run for a year. I see it as "shop commision", as it was really him that "sold" me the unit (Thanks Leon), and I find his many tutorials very informative and useful.

I love this thing. Since I got it, I've been playing 1 hour plus every day through headphones. I have not even dialed in any tones yet. I decided to let the unit show me what it got, and see what it makes me do, before I may eventually reverse that. It is the same way I've always tried out guitars, amplifiers and pedals. I find that the success rate is so much higher, when I don't try to make something do something that may not be its strong side. With a few of the presets, I've gone in and turned on/off blocks and changed channels. That's all. By the way, the B-encoder does not always transmit a change to the unit, when I turn it one click. Also, the value-encoder seams slow at responding, and it doesn't cound clicks, if I turn it IE four clicks fast. Are these normal weaknesses of the unit?

So what do I like about the AXE-FX3? I like that it has such a broad range of highly musical and responsive sounds. It does clean, edge of break-up and high gain beautifully, and with most of the sounds, it really makes and audible difference how I angle the pick and how hard I hold it. With extremely high gain sounds, I hear less of a difference, but it is not all gone. This make the AXE-FX3 an effortless extension of my guitar. When I have chosen a preset I like and dialed in the sound on my guitar, the AXE-FX3 lets me live (express) the interaction between the sounds and my musicallity without having to overdo my playing technique to get the message through. It actually makes (lets) me refine the subbleties of my playing technique even further due to its responsiveness and finesse. This is good stuff. There should be many hours of musical pleasure in the present moment in this unit.
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