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So I would love to hear from anybody using the Axe FX 3 OTHER than as a guitar processor?


For Zoom Calls/Lessons I have run microphones etc through the AxeFX operating as an interface to send both vocals and guitar through to zoom.

I'm also a drummer, so I have run the AxeFX3 as an outboard reverb, "mic pre" (I let the input signal clip some of the blocks to get some "crunch") and compressor. The reverb sounds are better than most studio-plugins on the market and sound great if I need to print reverb to the track.


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In addition to playing guitar, I run my other electric / pickup-equipped instruments through the AxeFX for processing: bass, Warr guitar, banjo, oud, mandolin, and keys.


I run my eurorack, OP-1, pocket operators and a couple synths through the Axe FX, it works really well and sounds great!

Here's an example before I built my modular synth (synth -> axefx -> monitors -> phone mic):

I'll try to find a better example!
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