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Smokin' preset... revisited

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
In the Cygnus Banks thread, someone mentioned the preset Smokin'.
The Boston sound is truly iconic and that preset had been on my rework list but I never got to it... Until tonight :)
Complete with simulated triple tracking ;-)


  • Bostonian_20210526_220353.syx
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Fractal Fanatic
You’re incredible M@!

Will give ‘et go next time I’m free to turn it up.

I love playing that tune… Maybe not so much the middle part with the delays … But I dig totally the vibe, Having had my best friend with the 8track in an ‘68 Olds convertible Cutlass 442 with home speakers in the backseat jammin’ 2112, Boston and one other I forget. Heard him pop in the cassette 5 blocks away! (The 1970s!)

Thanks for going to so much effort to get that to downtown. The FAS culture of dedication quality is astounding. 👍
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