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Small Stereo guitar cab


New Member
One of the newest trends (I think) in small guitar cabs is what is being referred to as "desktop" amps. Typically stereo amps with small speakers (3" or so) and they are set up as a full service practice amp, including bluetooth, effects, cab sims and more. They are all small in size therefore the "desktop" designation. Some examples are the Boss Katana Air, the Spark, Yamaha THR30II, Vox Adio Air GT. I think they all run on battery power or DC and range from 10 - 50 watts in power. I love the size but .... Ideally I would like to have as close to an FRFR stereo powered amp for my guitar at about the size of these but without all the frills. I use a guitar processor, Boss GT1000, and it would be great to be able to run this stereo into a small amp/speaker package that fits onto my desktop. I don't even need the battery power capability. The smallest FRFR I can find is an 8" speaker in the Headrush and it is only mono (so I would need 2) and also much bigger. These other "desktop" guitar amps are only stereo using their built in effects as they only have on input jack. Just curious if anyone else has even thought about the crazy things I do.
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