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Small gap after preset change?


So I just got the FC12 when I pick a new preset it changes to the preset pretty instantly , you hear the changed preset than there is a slight break in the sound for an instant and then back to the sound is this normal behavior, it is very annoying?


Also, the latest beta firmware really improves the gap on preset change, even when AxeEdit is running and not paused. Try it out or wait for the production version if you want. Supposedly there are improvements to the messaging system and I have seen the gap almost disappear with this update.


Some people are more picky about gaps than others. I personally cant stand the gap between preset changes even with Axe Edit disconnected. Even the gap when changing Channels on the amp block bug me.
To get by this issue I only use one preset for a whole set and dont change amp channels.

PS: Admittedly, the gap when changing channels on the amp block is extremely small and I am being more picky about things than it actually causing a problem with performing songs.
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