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Wish Slaving Amp


I would like the slaving for the amplifiers and the possibility to use either the preamplifier or the amplifier amp!


I would love this too. I don’t think cliff has commented on it in a few years now, but from what I remember the last word was, isn’t going to happen because it would make it easier for people to copy the axe FX ‘secret sauce’ or something.

At the very least it would be nice to have some poweramp-only models, like a somewhat generic version of a VHT 2150, Mesa 2:90, Marshall 9005, etc. Just some of the typical rack power amps for use with external preamps, and to simulate various preamps into those power amps.

Like maybe someone likes the sound of a Bogner Fish into a VHT 2150, you can’t really do that sound since the Fish preamp model is routed into I think the power amp model of the XTC model.


It would be cool to have “amp blocks” which are a pre and power amp, as usual, and then also have the ability to have just “preamp” and “power amp” blocks, 2 instances of each, so you could either run a given amp block, or you could run a preamp and then power section of your choice.

This could be cool for adding other effects blocks between the pre and power section, allowing more tone sculpting etc.

Likewise, if you could run 2 preamps into one power amp section it would be rather cool too

Not sure if this would mess up the overall modeling etc though, but would be pretty cool

200 some complete amp models, 200 some preamp circuits, like 50 power amp circuits..... don’t know the math but that is a lot of options
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