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Skype Guitar Lessons with Galactic Empire/Powerglove Guitarist

Ben Cohen

New Member
Hey everyone! My name is Ben Cohen. I am a Fractal Audio Artist, and guitarist for several internationally touring metal bands (Galactic Empire, Powerglove, and Lattermath). Due to tour cancellations from the pandemic, I have some availability over the next few months for Skype guitar lessons! I am a Berklee College of Music grad and I have been teaching guitar lessons for over 19 years now. I specialize in rock/metal, but enjoy teaching a variety of other styles as well. Topics can include, but are not limited to:
-sweep picking
-string skipping
-whammy bar techniques
-alternate picking
-music theory (beginner to advanced)
-music business
-learning songs/riffs/licks of your choosing
-basic recording techniques

For lesson info/booking, please visit my website: bencohenguitar.com/lessons
or email me at bencohenguitar@gmail.com.

Thanks! 🤘

Ben Cohen
Guitarist, Music Instructor
youtube.com/bencohenguitarBen Cohen - Kiesel (Castle Backdrop).jpg
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