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Since no one will directly ask Cliff about potential new FW...


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Cliff !

Any news on new FW over and above the bug fix you mentioned ?

Thank you for making the best freaking musical product I've EVER purchased !


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I'm still running 6.03 and I don't see my self ever wanting to update the FW due to the amount of hard work I've put into about 35 elaborate custom patches that I've busted my ars getting to sound amazing as they do now! Lovin that damn black box! One thing I wish was possible but I know it's not, would be the ability to partition the axes hardware to run old FW on one side and updated FW on the other. Maybe a second axe is needed? Ha not in this lifetime for me lol


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Maybe a second axe is needed? Ha not in this lifetime for me lol
You could always buy a used Axe-Fx II Mark I for a good price. I use my Axe-Fx II Mark I for practice and live and my XL+ is in my music room and stays home. I use FracTool to convert my presets between my Mark I and XL+.


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Still on FW6, like Billbill it sounds good as is to me and I'm not motivated for retweaking all my personnal stuff just for kicks.


I am just waiting for the teasers from Cliff about exactly what it is that he is working on... I've only been a FAS user since May 2016 but I have loved (and continue to love) every minute of my journey with this magical box and the FW updates have been pure class.

I don't post as often as I did on here, because I am now spending more time playing than tweaking (and of course loving every minute of it)


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New firmware? Just put it over there with the other untapped potential...

(this is a comment on my lack of exploiting the AxeFx's power, not a commentary on the value of firmware updates)
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