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Simple Noise Gate Question


I have been using a Boss NS-2 for 15 years to basically get rid of hiss in between songs. I know exactly how to set that thing up as it has a Threshold (set at 2 o'clock) and a Decay (set at 7 0'clock - min). It works with almost any amp I've used. I run it 4 cable to get the stuff before the amp and the stuff in the FX loop. It allows notes to ring and feedback but when I hold the strings it is quiet without a hard cutoff.

The GTE block has 2 choices Classic or Intelligent. Is it just a few parameters within each that make them different?

I am currently using the GTE block, in the FX loop, set as it popped up when I added it. I believe in Intelligent. Seems to be 90% there. I need to set the Input Noise Gate but I am just not sure how to set it with all of the ratio, attack, release, and level options. Especially after all of these years running the old 2 knob BOSS.

After that long winded intro my simple question is - Is "decay" the same as the "release"? Once I know that, I think I can dial it in a little better.

Thanks guys.

The FX8 is amazing by the way.


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I'm not really sure how to setup the intelligent gate. What actually differentiates them? Any wisdom would also be appreciated


My go-to gate settings (input gate, not using the GTE block):

Release: 100 ms
Threshold: 80% - 72%, depending on amount of gain.
Ratio: 2.30 - 2.60, depending on amount of gain.

Johan Allard

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If you want to mimic how the Boss NS-2 works with 4 cable method (I used to run a ISP Decimator G-String before the Axe Fx 2 which is very similar), you can use the Gate Block after the amp and before any delays and reverb (where you’d insert the gating of the NS-2) and in the gate block select Sidechain Select and set it to row 1. That will then detect on row one, and gate wherever the Gate Block is in the chain.

Before Cliff added the Intelligent noise gate option, that’s what I used to do. But now I just use the Intelligent Noise gate with very similar settings to Yek (you can never really go wrong following Yek’s suggestions :)).

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Fractal Audio Systems
When I program a pro rig, we always set the noise gate at a threshold that feels best in the studio, knowing that the global NOISEGATE OFFSET which can save you in a pinch should the rig need to be used in a noisy environment.

By the way, BEFORE we had this global option, we'd often opt for a much more aggressive threshold: -65 db or thereabouts!
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