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Simple Axe-Fx into guitar cab rig. Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Rigs and Routing' started by Paincakes, Aug 5, 2018.

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    Nov 24, 2016
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    Hi all,

    I recently picked up the Axe II XL+, and want to build a very simple rig to run it into my existing guitar cabinets (cabs can be 4x12 or 2x12, not interested in FRFR at the moment).

    Power amp: Matrix GT1000FX vs Fryette Power Station?
    The PS has tubes, but can also be used as an attenuator for my "real" tube amps. So I get more use cases out of it, at the expense of keeping the signal transparent, and eventual tube maintenance.
    The Matrix is analog, and won't color the tone.

    Power Conditioner: Is it really needed?
    I want to keep the rig a compact as possible
    Is a power conditioner a necessity, or more of a "nice to have" feature? If I limit myself to a 3U rig without a power conditioner, will I regret not having one? I don't gig, but have the occasional jam with buddies.

    Cheap rack case suggestions:
    The rig won't move much, so I don't really need anything rugged. I like the look and price point of the Procraft 3U 16" (or 4U). Anyone have experience with those?
    I also like this one, with feet, I saw on youtube (user Jason Hobbs). Can anyone ID the model?

    Foot controller suggestions:
    Any recommendations for a cheap and simple foot controller to switch scenes that's easy to set up? My needs are fairly simple, just scene switching mostly. Is there anything smaller than the Behringer FCB1010 (at a comparable price point)?

    Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. Desmo808

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    Nov 10, 2015
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    A power conditioner isn't absolutely necessary. Just for jamming, a power strip is fine. Although, (devil's advocate heheh) a rack power conditioner is very convenient. Eventually you may want to start adding stuff, and a conditioner is an easy way to allow for it.

    For foot controllers, it doesn't get any more simple than the Midi Mouse. Just up and down buttons. I know you wanted an alternative to the FCB1010, but the Behringer is literally only $40 more, and you get a huge step up in fuctionality. I agree that the footprint is obscene, though.

    But if you can live with the footprint, the FCB is hard to beat at that price point. With the Midi Mouse, eventually you may reach a point that you wished you had an expression pedal (or two). Or a stompbox mode. There's just so much inside the AxeFX that wants to come out, and a flexible, customizeable controller is one way to unleash it.

    I don't know much about power amps or racks, so I can't help there. I just have a cheap Gator rack, which I modified with LED strips in the back for hooking things up on dark stages.
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