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Silver Jubilee question

I have a question for fractal guys. I know that Silver brit is Silver jubilee with lead channel, but what is the value for lead master knob? In the real amp lead channel has diode clip and the lead master change the tone and gain structure. For sample with real amp i like use lead master at 10 and gain at 3.
My question start because I dont fine the same tone of my real amp. It sound good but difference.

I use the same BMT setting, same master volume setting(my amp has log10a taper like axe), presence to 3 (jubilee has linear taper and I set it to 5 , that is about 3 using reverse log like fractal).
I knob that is important the sound to my hears but i'd like know more about this amp simulation.


As you can see from this video, at around the 1 minute mark, Gary Holt sets his up the same way. Lead Master on 10.

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