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Silent Liquid Foot Switches


Are there any pictures of the MFC-101 Mark III from Axefest?



Fractal Fanatic
The adapter is not needed. FASLINK transmits power, ground and MIDI data in both directions over only three wires. But how can you do four things with only three wires? "Ancient Chinese secret".


The separation of the power supply and data is done by the capacitors C1,C2 and the inductors L4A, L4B.

The two capacitors will block the DC voltage from the power supply, while the inductors will act as a very high impedance towards high frequency signals ( RS485 data).


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Old thread from 2013. Anyho, you could even use one cable for pulse-encoded data but it helps to have ground that both sides share and really cool to have three for balanced cables so the signal could go very far without issues.
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