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Significant Delay when switching patches


Hi All,

Proud new owner of an MFC Mark III. Hooking it up to my Ultra (v11) using MIDI. I can switch patches, but there are 2 notable issues:

Lots of crackling/intermittent signal loss, like a if I had a bad audio cable
Close to a 1 second delay when switching between presets

Any thoughts? The MIDI cable works fine with my Behringer MIDI board.


^This. I was having some pretty significant delays when switching scenes.. while using AXE-Edit. Once I disconnected the USB from my laptop,those delays went away. Being connected uses a portion of your CPU also. Some patches will clip or drop out when connected due to overtaxing the CPU.


It wasn't hooked up to the editor at the time. I will try and muck about with it more this weekend, and if I still have an issue will post a full report in the bug forum. Thanks for the responses!
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