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Signal chain using Boss ME-70 + MXR EQ + Comp, etc for a Godin A5

Discussion in 'Rigs and Routing' started by Juan Carlos, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Juan Carlos

    Juan Carlos
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    New here

    Jun 12, 2018
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    Hey there,
    I'm new here an I'm looking for good advice since I'm having some trouble with my "end sound-color/ton" with my current signal chain.

    I read a lot of the guidelines about it in the net time a go. I understand the basics of a signal chain. I play as a rythym guitar in an acoustic band since 18 years and prior to that used to play keyborads and acoustic guitar for a living for about 7 years. So, I understand the basics. Still, my recent setup is a little confusing for me.

    Thats what I have the way is connected now. My question is IF thats the mos appropiated signal chain and if there is also an addition I should consider or maybe the signal is just fine but I'm overseeing some volts/cables/polarity fact?...
    The fact that I'm using the M70 is waht confusings me in the signal chain since I have there the "4x Stomp box" concept
    I'm thankful for any light in this tunnel :)

    Guitar Godin A5 -> Wireless Sure UT4 -> Tuner DTR 1 -> Compessor Boss CS3 -> EQ MXR 10 ->
    BOSS ME-70 -> DI Box -> Mixer.

    I use the Boss ME-70 as follow:
    Stomp box 1 - in solo functin. I dont use the compressor, just the solo function when soloing
    Stomp box 2 - boost. just in "on" when minor solos or delicated picking to be boosted. Otherwise off
    Stomp box 3 - Alternate between chorus, rotary or uni V in some songs, most of the time, off
    Stompbox 4 - Delay. Just for solos or specifical little details. Otherwise off.
    Pedal Volume - always in full volume modus. I use the Wah Wah three or four times during the show.
    EQ in the pre-amp sectin most of the time off. / Sometimes depending of the stage enviroment I use it as a EQ in the EQ position.

    Hope some of you out there will be able to guide me through.


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