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Show us your pride and joy - your car!


Since claham already went down this road:


Its worth more than on the POS car I haul it around in. Its my #1 hobby with guitar as a close 2nd. Now if only Cliff could figure out how to model trails......


This used to be my Madness:
Voiture Madness retouchée.jpg

[HR][/HR]unfortunately I have recovered since then.
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1976 AMC Jeep Wagoneer, AMC 360 4bbl (about 200 hp, close to 400 lb/ft of torque), Borg Warner Quadratrac w/ low range, TH400 transmission. GVW is close to 3 tonnes. I call it the Big Orange Beast (Bob).

Mainly a winter ride as it drinks gas like I breath air.

It has never been stuck. Ever. Not even close.



3D Human. I love the old Wagons. I sold 79 Limited Wagoneer mine years ago. I restored it to about 80% and I kind of wish I still had it if I had the space. Man you could haul a lot of gear in those old Wagoneers.



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Nothing fancy. This isn't my actual car, but it's the same including the colour, except mine doesn't have a sunroof.



79_limited. Wagoneers are awesome! You had a nice one there. Yes, they can haul a lot of stuff... and, not get stuck doing it. A true SUV... way ahead of their time. It'll practically idle through axle deep snow without a problem. The same can't be said for some of the modern SUV's I see struggling during our winters.

Sadly... a large, heavy vehicle + a big V8 + full time all-wheel-drive = 10-12 mpg (and that's while parked). During the summer I use a bicycle for the most part.
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