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Show Us Your FX8 Rig!


Fractal Audio FX8 (mkii) + Friedman Runt 50 + a ton of Kiesel Guitars....

I've never had tone & FX like this before in my life. I had my 1st Cover Band gig with this set-up & couldn't believe how great everything sounded & worked.

The FX8 is the heart of my rig & worth every penny to me.......#longlivethefx8
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Chris Spitzli

New Member
That's as clean as it gets! Well done!
Thanks Tremonti! I used all Mogami 2524 (gold) cable and Switchcraft plugs. The next mod will be to clean up the routing on the underside and maybe put in side jacks so the snake can be removable. I didn't do that initially because I wanted to have as few connection points as possible. The way it is now I just roll up the snake and lay it on top of the pedals, It *just* fits under the case cover! ;-)

Chris Spitzli

New Member
Hey Chris,

I have the same rig essentially. I transitioned over from the Mark V with the Mini Amp Gizmo. I'm trying to setup the JP-2C via midi dicrect from fx8. Any tips? Have you done this?
Hey Cristian, I basically use 1 Preset on the FX8 and use (Sticky) Scene switching to emulate a loop switcher, switching groups of effects in and out. I have MIDI set up to change the amp using Program Change and/or Control Change with each scene. It's really flexible. On my dry crunch sound, for example, I send a MIDI message to the amp telling it to change to the crunch channel and also to turn off the effects loop, and I have Auto True Bypass enabled on the FX8 so it's as direct as it can be. Sounds awesome. I use a combination of direct MIDI messages and also the MIDI mapping of the JP-2C (when more than one thing on the amp needs to change at once) The JP-2C manual is very helpful here!
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My pedal board build. Fractal Used for time based effects Chours, Delay, Reverb, ETC. Into the effect loop. Custom Breakout Box.

Then A few pedal into the front of the amp.
MXR Wylde
BOSS MT-2 Modded
Love Pedals English Woman Tone
Wampler Soverien
Demeter compulator
TC Electronics Stereo Chours Flange
Boss tuner
Vox Wah
Also the fractal is in the looper as well to add Distortions ETC. from the fractal to the front of amp.
Powered with A BBB power supply
Ernie Ball pedal for CC Controler
All pedals are switched via Looper.

Using Marshall JCM 600.


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How are you routing the H9 into the set up? Any issues controlling it via the midi?
My setup has changed since this pic, but at the time I'm pretty sure I had the H9 after the FX8. I was using the scene control from the FX8 to call up presets on both the AmpliFire and the H9. Worked fine.
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