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Short Blues Noodle Clip featuring Bassguy 65 and ODS100


Fractal Fanatic
Allright Paco.
I listened to this about 5 or 6 times! Absolutely fantastic tone and feel. I'm happy you think your playing sucked on this! That's really funny!
It rehabbed the 65 Bassman for me and I dialed it in for the fist time since V10. wow! Definitely a goto Blues patch now.


Power User
Hi all - late but anyway, much thanks for all your comments!

Hi, I have e to ask this. For a while I've been trying to get a semi hollow tone with my non semi hollow guitar with only semi luck! Anyway is there a possibility that you have the guitar-only tracks for your song? I would like to try a tone match and since we have the exact same amp, settings, cab etc etc I can figure out what frequencies are typical to a semi hollow guitar.
Thanks anyway!


I missed this first time round Paco. Stunning tone and equally good playing. Thanks for sharing the patch too, much appreciated.
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