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Short Blues Noodle Clip featuring Bassguy 65 and ODS100


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Tweak those advanced parameters to get more "holy shitballs" :lol

EDIT: Now on Soundcloud -> https://soundcloud.com/pacocasanovas/flashyslow (my webserver is down, bandwith overload)
(playing is not so "holy shitballs", it's 1:00AM and I'm tired.....but for the sake of all fender discussions regarding V10, this is my contribution)

Guitar is a semi-hollow Gibson ES-347 with 012-058 flatwound strings (©1980) with the original all mighty high power dirty fingers PUs - no ugly distortion on the clean sound, even when picking hard - gain was around 11 o clock....

for the bass (it's organ bass - you need to hear it on proper monitors to get the full low end .....)

I love V10! :) Well done FAS....

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Damn, that was sweeeeeet and I totally loved it. I would definitely put that the holy shitballs, slow blues category. That clean Fender tone was on the money too. I could listen to you play all day.


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I knew the fender lovers were going to love FW10. Spectacular tone and playing!!!! Holier than holy shitballs IMHO!!!!!!


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That is what its all about. If I were a recording engineer I would have been damn proud if I had captured that moment in such a high quality recording!

This is the first time I ask this since I started visiting this forum.

Can I have this/these presets please? I got to see how its set up.

Kindly regards!
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