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Shimmer effect Presets



I'm coming from the world of U2 covers and Improvisations and have also created my own original ambient music album. In the past I used the Strymon Big Sky but I realize the AX-8 is more powerful.. So my pedals are HISTORY!

I want to know out of the box which PRESET is the best for SHIMMER SOUNDS. I tried one called Crystal Echoes but it doesn't sound like shimmer to me... Real muddy and not really a shimmer but some sort of echo.. I'm looking for a real shimmer. I think there is one called Shimmer sounds but it sounds so soft and has no life to it. Where am I going wrong? The AXE-FX 2 has a preset called CRYSTAL which sounds like great shimmer but CRYSTAL is not in the AX-8 only CRYSTAL ECHOS.

How can I get the CRYSTAL preset or a very powerful shimmer effect? To get an idea what shimmer means on the Line 6 M13 or Helix there's a setting called OCTO. Plus on the M13 you have a Particle verb.. Together they produce fantastic shimmer. This is also available on the HX FX from Line 6.

Now I know Fractal is WAY ahead of my past Line 6 products which is why I invested in an AX-8. So if someone could please tell me which preset that comes stock does the best shimmer that would be great.... I just couldn't find one myself and was left dissapointed.

I saw some YT videos of guys using the AX-8 getting fantastic shimmer so I KNOW it can be done.

Thanks for your help!


Yes, AX8 Edit. Make sure you read the preset description because a certain preset might require a user cab that you will need to download as well. Most, if not all, will be probably use only stock cabs.


In the end I found tweaking the AX8 default shimmer preset gave me the best sound... And I don't even use the high quality setting. It mixes well with my drives, delays etc.
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