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Setting the Master Volume of the USA IIC+ Deep



How should I set the Master Volume of the USA IIC+ Deep in the Axe knowing that on a real Mesa boogie Mark IIC+ in lead mode :
- the Master 1 knob (PULL DEEP) is set on 7
- the LEAD MASTER knob (NOT PULLED) is set on 1,5 ?



Fractal Audio Systems
Where it sounds best. The Lead Master is basically in series with the Master. It's purpose is to balance the volume of the Lead channel relative to the Clean channel.

If you want the best tones out of the Axe-Fx you should stop copying photos of knob settings and learn how the knobs work. MV is one of the most important knobs as it controls how hard the virtual power amp is driven. Learning to find the sweet spot is an exercise that will pay handsome dividends. Take the JCM800 model. Set the MV very low, say 1.0. Play for a while. The sound will be harsh and scooped with a stiff feel. Turn the MV up to 5.0. Notice how there is more midrange and a softer high-end response, more compression and a better feel. Turn it up all the way and it will get fuzzy and indistinct. A real amp does the same thing. Learning to dial in the MV is among the most important abilities to harness the most from your Axe-Fx.
Call me a psycho if you wish, but I like the Mk II with the master volume on 9 or 10.
Sometimes convention just can't be followed, I guess...
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