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Setting Initial Volume to Zero

Steve Lockridge

New Member
I have an Axe FX II XL+ and an MFC 101 with two external controller pedals. When I turn on my Axe the initial volume is loud enough to cause feedback. To gain control of the volume I must rock the volume pedal forward, then backward. Is there a way to set the initial volume either to zero or something more manageable?


Doing this from memory but... MFC and use EDIT --> MIDI and change your XP1 setting (or XP2 or whichever expression pedal jack you have it connected to) so that it reads BegPDL. I suspect you have it set to 127 as a default value.

EDIT: forgot to mention this means that whatever your pedal is set to will be used as the volume when you switch presets. Alternatively you can set a default 'normal' value and then it will only change if you move the expression pedal.
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