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Set up questions


Using AX8. Marshall 4x12 cab. Matrix power amp. GT1000. No front of house or anything. Just playing straight out of the cab. When I diasable the cab. I’m losing some body. Some tone. Should I combat this by turning up the output volumes ? What’s the best set up for what I have ?


Power User
If you like the tone you're getting with the cab enabled, leave it on. You don't have to disable the cab when using a physical cabinet.

To answer your question though, try disabling the Power Amp sim by setting the Supply Sag to zero. You can also use the equalizer in the GEQ page to adjust the tone.


When I used my Ax Fx II with a Matrix amp and Matrix cab I just turned off the cab sims in the global menu and it always sounded great.


Fractal Fanatic
I think the most accepted way to handle your setup is, cab sims off, power amp sims enabled. Try playing with the low res freq and amount in the speaker page of the amp block. There is also a thing you can try to sweep and find the actual resonant freq of your cab and set the spkr tab to match.
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