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Set list function


When will the setlist function finally come? it would be so helpful. is there any information about this?

Jim Adkins

New Member
Is the set list info going to be stored in the system file? Or will it be something that could be exported/imported like a channel/block/preset?

My set up is five axe-fx3. Four for guitar/bass and one (rarely, rarely used) backup. For this to work, each of the player's presets correspond to a single bank. Then the backup has a copy of all four players' banks. In the rare event off/on doesn't immediately fix an issue, we can swap input/output to the back up and keep rolling seamlessly.

This set up also means global blocks aren't useable because even if each player keeps their global blocks to unique blocks, when you copy over to a backup it will overwrite. Meaning the only global block info on our backup will be whatever system you loaded last. (If someone has a workaround to that which I am unaware, I'd love to hear!)

So if setlist function is going to be stored in system, will I have to have something like a laptop at the ready to load a system file for whichever unit goes down to our backup in order for an fc12 to know which song is next?


Does the setlist function already exist? We have been waiting for so long!
come on, man... you and everybody that cares knows it doesn't exist yet, that FAS are working on it, and where it is on their 'to-do list'.
also, everybody knows you are waiting oh so patiently for it...

Greg Ferguson

Fractal Fanatic
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