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Separating FOH & In Ear Mix


Is there a way to split a patch so one mix goes to FOH & another mix goes to your in ears? I would like to add some additional reverb & delay to my in ear mix, but don't want it going to the FOH house mix.

If this is possible does anyone have some easy-to-follow instructions on how to make it work?



Put an fx loop block in another row, somewhere after amp and cab, but not in the last column. Then add a reverb or whatever before the fx loop. Connect the main row to that reverb block. Out 2 will be the send to you ears.


That's what I do. I run the Fx loop pre-cab, delay, and reverb. I set my cab with "air" through stereo delay and 'verb for my ears thru output 1 and run a dry cab with mono delay and no 'verb thru output 2 into a Radial stereo DI for the house. Works great, and I have the global EQs across each set of outputs for per-show tweaks.
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