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Separate controllers for x/y states


Dear Cliff,

The latest firmware version is just awesome and nothing short of perfect with regard to amp simulation. Thank you very much for your continuing devotion to making an awesome product even better.

I would like to ask if it is possible to have separate controllers for the x and y states of blocks that support it. Shared controllers are so much restricting... Is it possible to have it in a future firmware release?

Thank you very much.


Has been requested before and answered as not likely to be something you'll get in this generation of units I'm afraid.


I requested independent X-Y modifiers long ago..
the reply I got from Admin@ was that it's is not possible to decouple the X and Y side modifiers..

so.. I came up with various alternative solutions by using scene controller for some things
and when it was things like gain / signal level I wanted to control, by using other low cpu cost blocks [like vol / filter etc]


Thank you for answering. It is a shame though since it limits scenes considerably. But obviously it can't be helped... Now I know that I need to find ways around it. Thanks again.


Power User
For gain/volume/eq related changes you can use filter/vol blocks that you put before/after the amp block that do the difference between the modified value and the y value and that get turned on/off by the same midi cc that turns on/off the y state.
For dynamic stuff and most of the non linear effects there is no similar solution.
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