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Sending MIDI Tempo to Axe-Fx II

Alec Barbee

New Member
Hey everyone, new forum member here. Looking for advice on externally controlling the tempo of my Axe-Fx II via MIDI.

I'm experimenting with using my Boss DD-500 to send MIDI beat clock (which I've confirmed it is capable of transmitting). Could I connect to the MIDI in of the MFC-101 Mark III, or would I need to connect to the Axe-Fx MIDI in? Are there any settings I need to change on either the MFC-101 or Axe-Fx itself in order to receive MIDI tempo, such as changing from "preset" to "global" tempo in the MIDI page of the I/O menu? Or am I chasing after something that's not possible?

I generally know my way around the Axe-Fx, but I've never used MIDI with it, so... patience with my lack of knowledge would be appreciated! :sweatsmile: Thanks!


I can't speak to the MFC-101 (as I don't have one) but sending MIDI CLOCK will work if you connect your DD-500's MIDI OUT port directly to the Axe-Fx II's MIDI IN port. In the "TEMPO" menu you want to choose "USE GLOBAL" to make sure the slave device follows the master device.

Anyway, you can always try the MFC-101 for MIDI THRU -- it might very well work. Let us know how you go.
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