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send/return fail. what am i doing wrong?


coming from AX8 land i've always lusted after the send/return blocks, but am having trouble making them work on my shiny new III. every time i insert them in a preset there's no audio out.

i've attached a sample preset to illustrate my problem.

Thanks for helping!




Hi fw
Go into your return block and make sure the return level is set to 100%
For some reason it defaults to 0% hence no sound
And of course if you use send 1 you have to use return 1
If you use send 2 you have to use return 2

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
The reason the default level for the Return Block is 0 is probably so that when you insert it, you don't need to fear screaming feedback. The way it is, you can turn it up to make sure you haven't created a bad feedback loop.
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