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Select Preset window


Would be great if Axe-Edit would remember which of the All/Bank A/B/C/D/E/F buttons was last selected next time you open the window.


But it syncs to the axefx - so whatever preset is there on the axefx is where it goes - How could it work without syncing? That's how you edit a preset - Guess I am missing something here.


Do you mean when you click presets button and say you were last in "D" bank, have it go back to D bank next time you do the same?

If so - I don't see a big advantage-one click I guess - But that's OK---- But OTOH One step further - how about as an option in the prefs? Like remember last bank- check it or not.

I would love to see many more pref for individual work flows. Including your idea :)
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