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Wish Second independent loop for the Looper block


I was recently enjoying the Looper block, but what I missed was a dedicated way for having two loops running at the same time.

The scenario for this:
Building up a loop using one loop, switching to the second loop and start adding sounds there.
The first loop could then be stopped, but a song 'doesn't fall apart' (e.g. build the verse on one loop, the chorus on the second, so you don't start with nothing if you deactivate the first).

I think that's something you can do with the Ditto X4.

I know this won't be so simple with the AX8 because of possible hardware limitations, but I would like to see something like this for a successor.


^^ +1, for sure!

Pushing it just a smidge further, how about multiple loops supported by a very basic Sequencer function (with MIDI remote control, pls) that would allow creation of a “song” on the fly - similar to what performers like Ed Sheeran does onstage?

FWIW, I would happily pay extra for this type of functionality - maybe via a “feature unlock code” purchase? After all, “Necessiity is The Mother of Surplus Profit”...
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