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Bug? Screeching and glitches screens>reboot with the Axe FX II with looper in reverse +dub


Screeching and glitches screens then reboots with looper in reverse + dub. Also sync problem with axe edit . Won't save looper type, must be done on hardware.


The LOOPER still crashes in 6.01 when you DUB in REVERSE LOOPER mode then turn off REVERSE. It makes a LOUD beep, then screen goes blank .. then reboots. Also, the ONCE function should engage ONLY when it is turned ON (even this is intermitant). In 6.01, it also engages when it is turned OFF.
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I own an axe fx II running 10.02, Having used a MacBook Pro with snow leopard and an ultra book with win 8 both running reaper x64 when trying to record over USB I get a blank screen and screeching which requires a turn off and reboot

Any ideas what I should do, I thought it was the MacBook but it happened this weekend with the new ultra book

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