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Scotty Anderson who?


Ha - that’s what I thought too. I usually like to try stuff to see what’s going on, even at a slow speed, but there’s not much point in this case. 😂
Yeah, I looked at the tab. Lots of stuff we know, lots of double stops, etc. But putting all that together like that-uh, I will not even waste my time.


You know, one of the many great things I discovered about this forum a long time ago- So many of us are into different genre's, have different heroes, etc, etc. Very different time frames (as in life & age)
But when it comes to just real good guitar playing-we all (for the most part) can appreciate it and enjoy it. That is cool!


Scotty is a player from Cincinnati. Lots of great jazz players come out of there. But of course he can play country style too. The thing is jazz and country are just about the same language with some different phrasing accents. He is a really good player and nice guy.


I had to laugh a little bit that the tab could not keep up with the playing. I was trying to comprehend what was going on and then noticed the tab was behind the playing and it's like, let's just go back and listen to it blind. Amazing guitar playing. It would take me at least a decade to learn that piece completely, but damn is that fun!!!
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