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Scene switching using an FM3 ?


Maybe a weird question, and no I’m not in the wrong forum…;)

I have my old FX8 set up in my rack in a drawer and wired into my home studio setup. I kinda want options for switching scenes without having to open the drawer all the time and I have an FM3 as my main FX floor pedal, mainly because I’m using the amp channel switching per scene for my amps in the room and I have what I consider to be a somewhat convoluted routing scene going on that the FM3 can’t handle on its own.

How do I use the FM3 to change only the scenes within the current preset on the FX8? I’ve set up a MIDI block on a preset to send PC messages per scene on the FM3 and I’ve connected the FM3 to the FX8 MIDI in.

It’s currently switching presets when I send PC 1-4 from the FM3 rather than changing the scenes like it’s programmed to do when I use the FX8 by itself. I haven’t found the setting yet (if there in fact is one…)

Can anyone help?


Send CC messages from the FM3 instead of PC messages. CC#34 values zero through 7 will select scenes 1 through 8 respectively by default on the FX8.
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