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Wish Scene number permanent in display


Maybe this has already come up but it would be really helpful if the scene number could be displayed permanently instead of the X before the preset number (when in 'normal' mode - maybe with inverted chars). This way the 4 external switches could control the (2x with the aid of an IA) 4 scenes (this is already possible) and you would see at a glance which scene you are on (not possible yet with momentary switches).



I just added my blackstar x4 pedal to the external switch function of the MFC, this involved making a custom lead ,
when I came to test it, because I was expecting a brief indication of scene change on the mfc thought there was a fault with my wiring or config of the MFC , little faith LOL
I did then notice a while later that the only indication of scene change was on the FXII scene display

any potential constant scene indication on the MFC would be awesome.

G :)

Yes Doc - this could be very helpful!
Currently I use for scene indication: Scene 01-04 = IA 01-04 Reveal (4x green light) and (when required) Scene 05-08 = 2xBoss FS-6 (Latch; 4x red light). It's not the smallest solution and I need two batteries, but temporarily it works ... ;-) I'll keep my fingers crossed!!!


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The ones that own a MFC101 can use the onboard IAs and program a link group for the four knobs. That way it is possible to have only the LED of the last pressed IA lighting, so you see which scene is on, as long as you don't leave the preset. But when you leave you run our of sync.

+1 for the wish


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I use the first row on my MFC for Scenes and they light up accordingly with each scene.

I can see that having this feature would be tremendously helpful for those using external IAs!

So ......

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