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"Scene ignore" missing in Multiplexer from FM9-Edit

Ok guys, my FM9 turbo just arrived. I come from the Ultra, so maybe I am missing something. The switch from the Ultra to the FM9 is like taking the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes, this thing is INSANE! :sweatsmile:

Anyway, I am using the Multiplexer because I want to use only one pedal for Volume, Wah and Whammy, maybe there are other solutions, this is what I came up with. While doing this, I noticed that "Scene ignore" option is missing from FM9-Edit (v1.01.02). I enabled it onboard and everything works as I want.


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I will try to verify this later.

What version of FM9-Edit are you running?

Did you try Refresh After Firmware update from the editor?
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