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Closed Scene copy between presets

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Just as the title states, the ability to copy scenes between presets would be huge. I have numerous presets for recording where I'm using the same Distortion tone, but different clean tones with different delays, reverbs, modulations etc.

Also, an easier way to edit the foot switches. I just can't seem to get my head wrapped around the per-preset function and how to get it setup the way I'd like.


This is not practical.

Scenes represent the on/off and channel selection state of blocks only, not the blocks themselves.

This has been wished for on the other Fractal devices, too.


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So they can digitally model analog amps at the component level so good that it’s indiscernible from the real thing using code, but it’s not practical to copy / paste blocks & their state between presets? Seems like it could be made to be a 2 step process. One to copy the blocks over, and another to copy the state of those blocks.


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I think you misunderstand what a scene is. A scene is not a collection of blocks. A scene is a set of bypass values for a set of blocks. Obviously, that set of bypass values only makes sense for one set of blocks. You can’t apply a set of bypass values to just any set of blocks.

Dave Merrill

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A scene is bypass states and channel selections. It's NOT the settings of the blocks, those are controlled by the block's channels.

I understand your desire from a practical "I wish it did this" standpoint, but really, it doesn't makes sense.


Yes, this isn't possible the way patches are structured. You'd have to have exactly the same blocks with exactly the same channels in every patch for it to work. Even one difference would render it useless.

I think what you're actually talking about would be global blocks, which is something found on the AxeFx II and III. If you tweak settings to a block in one patch, it changes the settings to a block in any other patches that use that same global block. Blocks can be independent (not associated with any global blocks) or linked to one of a dozen or so global blocks. A very handy feature when you're using the same effect/amp/etc across multiple presets as you described.
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