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Scene changes using the MFC-101 MkII


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I’m new at using the MFC101 MkII. I’d like to change scenes using switches 1 through 5 on the MFC101. Is there a tutorial for the MkII to do this or can someone explain how I can set this up? For AxeFX II
Thank you
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Hit the Reveal button. By default, the 5 preset select switches 1-5 become scene select switches.
Unfortunately that doesn’t work. The previous owner programed the board differently. Is there a way to reset the board to default settings?


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Here's the factory reset info from the manual:

13.2 Factory Default Settings Reset
WARNING: Restoring Factory Settings is DESTRUCTIVE and cannot be undone!
It is strongly recommended that you BACK UP important user data prior to using this function.
1. To restore the MFC-‐101 to Factory Defaults, hold down Footswitch #11 while powering up. The display will
show the reset prompt while the ENTER LED flashes red:
2. Press ENTER to completely erase all user memory and restore factory settings. The display will show
"Restoring..." and the ENTER footswitch LED will turn OFF. Once the restore is complete the MFC-‐101 will
boot normally with factory-‐fresh settings.

You can find the manuals and latest firmware here:


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Thank you! Do you guys suggest resetting it or is there a way to program it to do the original question?
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