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Saxophone Simulation


LOL - Point taken. I’ll rephrase. Has anyone tried to simulate the sound of a saxophone with the AxeFx?
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Sorry. ;-)

Never have come across one, let alone a convincing one. The one on the EHX Mel9 doesn't sound great either.
Yes that one was gross. Saxophones are difficult to emulate even on guitar synths with PCM voices, let alone "regular" guitar gear. Unfortunately.


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Going for that "Careless Whisper" solo and don't wan't to get a sax player? I think we've all been there at one point or another, amiright?


i was wondering if anyone has tried to simulate a saxophone with the AxeFx?
I doubt you’d get a convincing sax sound... even a good synth falls short of capturing it. I’d just do sax lines/solos with a good driven guitar sound. I play Money by Pink Floyd with one of my bands, and I do both the guitar and the sax solos with a guitar sound and it’s fine. But I don’t look to copy every tone to every cover song I play. I use about 6 -10 sounds from clean to mean for everything


Going for that "Careless Whisper" solo and don't wan't to get a sax player? I think we've all been there at one point or another, amiright?

Nah, it‘s The Best by Tina Turner. The sax solo consists of only few notes and when played on the guitar sounds dull and colourless. I’ll have to play a different line as guitar solo then. No big deal I think.
That's a great idea. Never considered imitating a sax. Could be a cool new thing in my bag of tricks. For my taste, I'd go for a '50s sax like in Little Richard's band or a '60s sax like in Boss Hoss by The Sonics. I'm sure other great saxes from that era would come to mind w a few minutes thought. It would be certainly easier to achieve than that Wham song. That would probably sound closer to a synth than a gtr by the time you're done. ...too clean for my taste anyway.

As a player, I like occasionally trying to cop the phrasing of wind instruments. Though, if I were in a cover band playing that Wham song (hope that never happens), I'd just play that sax melody w a great guitar sound. A Santana-esqe sound w some delay.


Best I can get is with a bias cranked in the drive block, and some bit reduction. Gives a bit of that voltage starved fuzz pedal tone, ala the PT Rotobone, Minibone, and the Basic Audio Zippy

The Axe doesn't quite have the parameters to really get quite as close as those pedals can to the reedy/horn sound, but its a start
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