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Satisfied "Bass" Customer!


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I’m a bass player and because I have to practice often with Headphones I used the Torpedo C.A.B. from Two Notes for years. It worked very well but was end of life. I watched tons of youtube videos and ended by buying an FM3.

I have it now for 2 Weeks and I’m very happy with it. The sound of the amp and cab is amazing. It feels like playing with a real rig. I also dig the effect blocks as reverb, rotary and pitch a lot (the rest I didn’t find time to try yet).

It took me a while to find the bass sound I like, but finally I decided to use the CITRUS Bass 200 with an PULSE12 IR from Celestion (bought it extra). This sound comes closest to my aguilar rig with a DB 751 with an 2X10 Bag End cab (I know that technically spoken this is not close. But to my ears it is close enough. May be even better). When I decided to by the FM3 I knew that there is not a lot for bass players but I was convinced to find something that fits my personal taste. And it worked out in the end.

So as a satisfied FM3 bass customer I ask myself if this could be the place to leave some thought towards the marketing department of fractal.

  • There are many great guitar players that promote fractal modelers. May be it would be possible to introduce some bass players that would do the same for bass
  • Beside of the metal affine bass players there is a quite big community that plays the bass also as an solo instrument. They are often very much into pedals and “high fidelity” sounds. (they use pre amps from noble and all other expensive stuff). In my experience the FM3 is absolutely capable to serve these expectations. May be this community can be convinced to migrate to the fractal world when one of them would promote fractal. I think of players like Tony grey, Janek Gwizdala, Damian Erskine, Evan Marien, etc.
  • To convince more bass players, there are more bass amp models needed. Especially should more “modern” bass amps be supported (I would love to see the DB751)
  • The same with the cabinets.


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Thank you a lot for your advice. Yes, I'm aware of Austin Buddy. I even contacted him bevor I puchased the FM3. He gave me great advice about taking a Mesa and messing around with the EQ. Then I got an advice from Dr. Bonkers. He said I should go with a JC 120 and then swap the tone stack. I will certainly try this in future. Right know I'm happy with the CITRUS Bass 200 with some EQing. I enjoy playing with this setup. I think I need a break from turning knobs....

I think that more bass amps would probably convince more bass players to go with fractal. But then still some youtube bass players are needed to make it more popular. But this is just an opinion of a not marketer.

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That sounds like (low down) music to my ears!
Thank you for your responce. I'm sorry. My english is not perfect. I made a mistake. Instead of "may be" I intended to write "maybe" (perhaps). So I meen it sounds just perfect. It sounds like music! The rest is the imperfection of my abilities ;-)
But still it would be nice to have more options. Especialy it would be nice to have some more modern amps (and Cabs)
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